Mariana Klaveno quotes

  • It's not like I'm that wildly famous that it's disrupted my lifestyle in some way.
    -- Mariana Klaveno

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  • There's nothing more fun than putting on an old costume and jewelry and being in a house that's decorated from the '20s or '30s or whatever.
    -- Mariana Klaveno

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  • A lot of people's lives are built around a healthy lifestyle. I take really good care with what I eat, and exercise obviously has become part of your lifestyle, going to the gym, meeting with your trainer, going to yoga and all those things. As an actor, that's part of your job; it's part of our responsibility to take care of ourselves, in a way.
    -- Mariana Klaveno

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  • Part of what makes me love acting so much is, I love the mystery of the universe and the human experience, and storytelling is a great way to perform that, and that is always inspiring to me.
    -- Mariana Klaveno

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  • I grew up in such a small area that there really weren't any acting classes. So I had to wait till I got to college.
    -- Mariana Klaveno

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  • Usually, I play the bad guy, so it's been a pleasant break to play a good guy.
    -- Mariana Klaveno

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  • People inspire me. Curiosity inspires me. Mystery inspires me.
    -- Mariana Klaveno

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  • I grew up in such a small area that there really weren't any acting classes. So I had to wait till I got to college, at the University of Washington. I was a theater major there and got my training. Then after college, I packed up my Honda Civic and kind of fulfilled the cliché of driving down to Los Angeles, and literally, brick by brick - you know, the slow and painful way - I built my career.
    -- Mariana Klaveno

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  • To justify God's ways to man.

  • There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.

  • War is not an accident. It is the logical outcome of a certain way of life.

  • Definition, rationality, and structure are ways of seeing, but they become prisons when they blank out other ways of seeing.

  • Just as modern motorways have no room for ox-carts or wandering pedestrians, so modern society has little place for lives and ways that are too eccentric.

  • It is time, therefore, to abandon the superstition that natural science cannot be regarded as logically respectable until philosophers have solved the problem of induction. The problem of induction is, roughly speaking, the problem of finding a way to prove that certain empirical generalizations which are derived from past experience will hold good also in the future.

  • As an academic, this was not the lifestyle I had planned for myself. Now I see myself everywhere.

  • The success of SYNC is another proof point that we are doing just that. We will continue to innovate and expand the capability of SYNC by integrating even more new technologies that fit our customers’ lifestyles.

  • Surfing for me is more than my lifestyle; it’s my passion, my love and it’s a part of me,

  • Far too many people hide behind their busy lifestyles