Lerone Bennett, Jr. quotes

  • Lincoln is theology, not historiology. He is a faith, he is a church, he is a religion, and he has his own priests and acolytes, most of whom have a vested interest in [him] and who are passionately opposed to anybody telling the truth about him.
    -- Lerone Bennett, Jr.

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  • Who freed the slaves? To the extent that they were ever u2018freed,' they were freed by the Thirteenth Amendment, which was authored and pressured into existence not by Lincoln but by the great emancipators nobody knows, the abolitionists and congressional leaders who created the climate and generated the pressure that goaded, prodded, drove, forced Lincoln into glory by associating him with a policy that he adamantly opposed for at least fifty-four of his fifty-six years of his life.
    -- Lerone Bennett, Jr.

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  • An educator in a system of oppression is either a revolutionary or an oppressor.
    -- Lerone Bennett, Jr.

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  • I believe the collapse of the House of Windsor is tied in with the collapse of the Church of England.

  • The greatest gift a church can receive is to have a group of families who take their responsibilitie s with such Christian seriousness that they are willing to completely alter their lifestyle to raise up disciples for Jesus Christ.

  • The solemn pledge to abstain from telling the truth was called socialist realism.

  • When you have the courage to tell the truth about what you're really afraid of, fear doesn't have control over your life.

  • I don't tell the truth any more to those who can't make use of it. I tell it mostly to myself, because it always changes me.

  • A writer's job is to tell the truth.

  • The young are not afraid of telling the truth.

  • Professors of classics - not even a professor of English - professors of classics, they're something sacred; it's almost like being a priest.

  • To some people heavy metal is Motorhead and to others it's Judas Priest

  • I swear by the mighty power of Amon-Ra, whose anger can shatter the world, and by the dread power of Set, that I will never betray my trust as High Priest of Karnak.