Frederick K. C. Price quotes

  • He who thinketh he leadeth and hath no one following him is only taking a walk. Leadership is getting people to work for you when they are not obligated.
    -- Frederick K. C. Price

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  • If satan can keep you in the sense realm, he will destroy you - but if you keep him in the faith realm, you'll put him under your feet.
    -- Frederick K. C. Price

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  • But God has to be given permission to work in this earth realm on behalf of man. You are in control! So if man has control, who no longer has it? God. When God gave Adam dominion, that meant God no longer had dominion. So God cannot do anything in this earth unless we let Him. And the way we let Him or give Him permission is through prayer.
    -- Frederick K. C. Price

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  • How can you glorify God in your body, when it doesn't function right?....What makes you think the Holy Ghost wants to live inside of a body where He can't see out through the windows, and He can't hear out the ears?
    -- Frederick K. C. Price

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  • The whole point is I'm trying to get you to see-to get you out of this malaise of thinking that Jesus and the disciples were poor and then relating that to you thinking that you, as a child of God, have to follow Jesus. The Bible says that He has left us an example that we should follow His steps. That's the reason why I drive a Rolls Royce. I'm following Jesus' steps.
    -- Frederick K. C. Price

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  • Do you think that the punishment for our sins was to die on the cross? If that was the case the two thieves could have paid the price. No, the punishment was to go to hell itself and to serve time in hell separated from God.
    -- Frederick K. C. Price

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  • Once a leader delegates, he should show utmost confidence in the people he has entrusted.

  • No man is good enough to govern another man without the other's consent.

  • I've always envied the kind of coach who could go completely out of his mind and nobody would know the difference.

  • No philosophy, my son; it is of no use to an emperor.

  • Often we want people to pray for us and help us, but we always defeat our object when we look too much to them and lean upon them. The true secret of union is for both to look upon God, and in the act of looking past themselves to Him they are unconsciously united.

  • I have known some quite good people who were unhappy, but never an interested person who was unhappy.

  • I take the walk to be the externalization of an interior seeking so that the analogy is first of all between the external and the internal.

  • But I love stand-up, and it's where I came from creatively, so it's something I never want to walk away from.

  • The truth is, that what women have to do is not work for less money. They have to walk away.

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