Graham Phillips quotes

  • My parents walked in on me Googling 'agents for kids' when I was 9.
    -- Graham Phillips

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  • The caliber of actors I'm getting to work with and learn from on a daily basis is phenomenal for me as a developing actor.
    -- Graham Phillips

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  • Eventually I'd love to be able to direct.
    -- Graham Phillips

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  • My character on 'The Good Wife' is a smaller character, and his story arcs are typically season-long, unless it's a big episode for him. His transitions take place over many, many hours.
    -- Graham Phillips

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  • The only reason why you should do a film is because it creatively carbonates you and gets you going. If you're doing it for any other reason, you've lost sight of why you're acting, in the first place.
    -- Graham Phillips

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  • Sometimes you have to do a role that might not be the most interesting, but it will set you up for doing roles that you want to do.
    -- Graham Phillips

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  • I don't know where my career is going to lead me. I would like my career to be as diverse as possible. I've done theater and I've done music, and I would love to keep that in my life.
    -- Graham Phillips

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  • I really respect people who, while they only do films, they have a wide repertoire and a wide thematic array of films they do.
    -- Graham Phillips

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  • My girl and my kid gets the best, always.

  • I'm one of five kids and we lived on a massive farm in New South Wales with my mum and dad.

  • My world was completely different to other boys my age. When I was six I was earning money, and by 10 I was paying more tax than the parents of other pupils. I feel a lot older than my years. Because I was working with adults, I had to mature a lot quicker.

  • As her parents, Aishwarya and I want our child to be happy and healthy. I was guarded from all this (media attention and showbiz world). The trade magazine and all was banned in my house. The first time I read a film magazine was when I was 18.

  • When I take my kid to school, all the parents stop and stare.

  • All possible means were used by the infatuated parents to conclude the bargain; and deception put an end to these usual artifices.

  • I was a wonderful parent before I had children.

  • Covert Operations Report At approximately 0900 hours on Saturday, October 14, Operative Morgan was given a stern lecture by Agent Townsend, a tracking device by Agent Cameron, and a very scary look from Operative Goode. (She also got a tip that her bra strap was showing from Operative McHenry.) The Operative then undertook a basic reconnaissance mission inside a potentially hostile location. (But it wasn't as hostile as Operative Baxter was going to be if everything didn't go according to plan.)

  • When you're an agent or a lawyer; its about service, not for yourself, but for your clients

  • You know how often the turning down this street or that, the accepting or rejecting of an invitation, may deflect the whole current of our lives into some other channel. Are we mere leaves, fluttered hither and thither by the wind, or are we rather, with every conviction that we are free agents, carried steadily along to a definite and pre-determined end?