William Orbit quotes

  • I could knock out loads of what I term aromatherapy music pretty swiftly. If you want something that is going to last, however, you're going to have to spend a lot more time on it.
    -- William Orbit

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  • I really just concentrated on putting out solo stuff on my website, just trying things, but this time we thought it was time to do a proper record, where you make a bit of a fanfare about it. Something that says "listen everybody, I'm here".
    -- William Orbit

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  • When I was young, we were quite strongly discouraged from listening to pop music. It was an uncomfortable thing, pop music; I think my parents felt threatened by it. They were always happy when they were listening to Mozart, so if your parents are happy, then you're happy.
    -- William Orbit

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  • That emphasis, from my parents, was always, "if you want something different from this" - they didn't say "better than this," because I'm not sure that they knew anything better, "then get an education."

  • I played some shows, but I'm disappointed it didn't do better. I wish all my shows sold out, I wish I had sold more copies, I wish that a song was picked up to be in a TV show - whatever these little benchmarks are. You always want something more.

  • If I want something I do everything to get it.

  • Aromatherapy conveys the concept of healing with aromatic substances.

  • Startups often win because it's easier to see what comes next when you don't have to worry about maintaining what came last.

  • You have had your last bad meal. But, you have also heard your last honest compliment, and you have lost your last true friend.

  • Creating something new is easy, creating something that lasts is the challenge.

  • Good guys are most likely to finish last, but also most likely to finish first.

  • I’m doing pretty well. If you don’t get married, you can’t get divorced. Why couldn’t we learn from the devastatingly low percentage of successful marriages that our last generation went through?

  • Ive always really been into science, and in the last five years Ive gotten into theoretical physics and the origins of the universe.

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