Screwtiny by Meena Kandasamy

For an affair:

Trust any man who is allergic to children,
Carries a civil war in his eyes, travels a lot
And speaks up when you are subjected
To society's customary stone-throwing—
This hero has a history of scandals.
He keeps secrets like slave-girls.
Trust this man to never let you down,
Or stand you up, even if it involves
Rising from the dead. Amen.

For marriage:

Trust a man only after you have dunked
His head in buckets of freezing water.
Trust all the truth spilling out of him
When you have slipped, like soap on skin,
Rusty pins under his toe-nails. Eyes wide open
Trust him as you take him on an electric dance
That makes his ***** sing. Test him to trust him.
Detest him to trust him. Trust a man through faith
In all forms of torture, which is how men trust each other.
by Meena Kandasamy


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