George Clarke quotes

  • I had the idea to become really emotionally detached, and a lot of the time I've treated people that I've cared about a lot really unfairly.
    -- George Clarke

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  • I love seeing people get excited.
    -- George Clarke

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  • Our houses are at least 12 feet under water. All you can see on TV are rooftops. And the bridge we came across, the I-10 twin span, is now split.
    -- George Clarke

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  • I still listen to black metal all the time - that's obviously one of my favorite kinds of music - but I steer from it very strongly.
    -- George Clarke

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  • I grew up in an apartment my whole life. It was just me, my mom, and my brother - she supported us. And we've always liked driving through rich neighborhoods, especially around Christmas. We would always admire the wealth. I always had this strange feeling with it.
    -- George Clarke

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  • I wanted people to connect with the lyrics, even if it's in some weird way, because they're all personal.
    -- George Clarke

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  • After years of touring, my voice has gotten a lot stronger. I used to just blow out after two or three shows, so I've definitely trained my voice, because I can now hit notes that I couldn't hit before.
    -- George Clarke

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  • I've always had this thing where I've always seen my parents as people, from a very young age.
    -- George Clarke

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  • My mom really instilled in me this idea that parents are not perfect and they make mistakes.
    -- George Clarke

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  • It came about as follows: over the years when I was involved in dianetics, I wrote the beginnings of many stories. I would get an idea, and then write the beginning, and then never touch it again.

  • There's a very passionate pro-chewing movement on the Internet called Chewdiasm. They say that we should be chewing 50 to 100 times per mouthful, which is insane. I tried that. It takes like a day and a half to eat a sandwich. But their basic idea is right. If you chew, you'll eat slower and you will get more nutrients.

  • I have to say, this sounds like the worst idea in a thousand generations of bad ideas." "You haven't heard all our ideas." Luke & Bhindi Drayson

  • We must see what in the Israeli identity - in the Israeli - we can give to other people rather than speaking so often of taking, expanding territory.

  • My goal has been to encourage jointness, to push people to think of affiliations rather than to operate as solo entrepreneurs.

  • I have known some quite good people who were unhappy, but never an interested person who was unhappy.

  • The science of anti-Semitism finally comes to explain this phenomenon, enlightening further the consciousness of people, fully satisfying their instinct and its violent eruptions thus legitimized by revealing their cause - the parasitism of the Jews. Thus it gives us the formula of the scientific solution for the problem of Judaism, which in order to realize we have only to apply.

  • Science fiction is a field of writing where, month after month, every printed word implies to hundreds of thousands of people: 'There is change. Look, today's fantastic story is tomorrow's fact.

  • Find a need and fill it. Successful businesses are founded on the needs of people.

  • Apology reminds us that each person (including ourselves) deserves to be respected and treated fairly.

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