Slug quotes

  • Time is money, every moment is costly, So I ration emotion, 'cause existence exhausts me.
    -- Slug

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  • Maybe I need somebody that could save me From the parts of myself that keep making me crazy.
    -- Slug

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  • Every day can't be the best day Do what you can right now, don't hesitate That's why we try to make love and get paid Take the bad with the good, now let's play
    -- Slug

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  • Sippin' on that brown stuff Got you feeling like you found love, Or maybe it was just luck. But's probably none of the above.
    -- Slug

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  • I didn't get turned on, I just got turned. I wasn't as aroused as I was concerned.
    -- Slug

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  • In the cafe bathroom drinking free tap water Thinking; "Damn, I should've been a better father to my daughter"
    -- Slug

    #Daughter #Father #Drinking

  • I used to wanna rap like Jay-Z, Now I feel I could run laps around Jay-Z, Nas ain't seen nothing this nasty, B.I.G. & Pac got it coming when I pass too. You got the mic, I ain't the one you wanna pass to

  • My new shorty got a gymnastic back, '87 emerald green on a classic Jag. She had the cleft palate, I ordered chef's salad; She had the club foot, with that little arm, I couldn't help but laugh...she ordered Chicken Parm.

  • Educated: no. Stupid: yes. And when I say "stupid," I mean stupid fresh.

  • We just wanted to get as far away from the rap-rock scene as possible, because its been done and other bands do it better than us anyway.

  • ...I've never had a dream in my life, Because a dream is what you wanna do, but still haven't pursued. I knew what I wanted, and did it till it was done. So I've been the dream I wanted to be since Day One.

  • De La Soul, from the soul, black medallions, no gold.

  • How you act, walk, look and talk is all part of Hip Hop culture. And the music is colorless. Hip Hop music is made from Black, brown, yellow, red and white.

  • I'd like to see people pay attention to the science of hip hop. The knowledge part, the political side of what hip hop could do, or where hip hop is gonna go. I always say it's gonna become universal as we become a galactic union.

  • Wars--and what is war except crime on a mass scale?--destroy rather than produce. The vandal that destroys a window causes not only the owner to bear the costs of replacing it, but costs those whom he planned on using that money to buy from. The same goes for wars. The warlords--of war and peace--destroyed so much, not only what existed, but all those new things that could have existed, if only individuals were left in peace.

  • In reality there is no cause or effect, there is only the indifference of the universe.

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