James Galvin quotes

  • Americans are less mystical about what produced their inland or meadow courses; they are the product of the bulldozerm rotary ploughs, mowers, sprinkler systems and alarmingly generous wads of folding money.

  • Can the life of the time be caught in an advertisement? Is that how it is, really, in the meadows of the world?

  • The crowds at Flushing Meadow are about as impartial as a Nuremberg Rally.

  • I walked in the meadows of green grieving for my life.

  • The history of the meadow goes like this. No one owns it, no one ever will.

  • The fireflies o'er the meadow In pulses come and go.

  • Hope is a walk through a flowering meadow. One does not require that it lead anywhere.

  • Fair is the kingcup that in meadow blows, Fair is the daisy that beside her grows.