Lachlan Murdoch quotes

  • We all have to expand our capabilities to encompass the changing world, its growing diversity and, indeed, its complexity.
    -- Lachlan Murdoch

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  • Good journalism is good business practice; good business supports great journalism.
    -- Lachlan Murdoch

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  • The industry is littered with self-styled purists who believe the business of media.. the requirement to make a profit.. somehow corrupts the craft.
    -- Lachlan Murdoch

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  • I have been privileged to grow up retaining the love of good journalism, the craft, while learning its business: the dollars and cents. I have learnt that they are not mutually exclusive but integrally self-reliant. Each dependent on the other.
    -- Lachlan Murdoch

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  • There is no room for dictating taste in the diverse and dynamic world of media. To limit taste only limits the role we play for people of all kinds.
    -- Lachlan Murdoch

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  • Intelligent media companies strive to provide both intellectual and comedy programs, groundbreaking and reflective articles, art house and popular movies. Not to be open minded in providing a full range of quality media would be a failure to serve the breadth and depth of the communities we live in.
    -- Lachlan Murdoch

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  • The profit motive is not only fundamental to our ability to reward shareholders and pay employees; it's fundamental to excellent journalism. Far from corrupting the craft, profits enhance it. Expansion drives diversity and diversity protects and strengthens our craft.
    -- Lachlan Murdoch

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  • The self-anointed media elite among us believe, somewhat self-servingly, that not only the act, or process of making a profit is positively sinister, but also that the very desire to do so is.
    -- Lachlan Murdoch

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  • The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present.

  • Even God cannot change the past.

  • There is a danger of changing too much in the search for perfection.

  • We have too many high-sounding words, and too few actions that correspond with them.

  • Really, as long as I am working and have diversity, I am happy.

  • Unspeakable is the variety of form and immeasurable the diversity of beauty, but in all is the seal of unity.

  • Photographs are of course about their makers, and are to be read for what they disclose in that regard no less than for what they reveal of the world as their makers comprehend, invent, and describe it.

  • Who made the world I cannot tell; 'Tis made, and here am I in hell. My hand, though now my knuckles bleed, I never soiled with such a deed.

  • First Conjuration Addressed to Emperor Lucifer. Emperor Lucifer, Master and Prince of Rebellious Spirits, I adjure thee to leave thine abode, in what-ever quarter of the world it may be situated and come hither to communicate with me.

  • Let me tell you, though: being the smartest boy in the world wasn’t easy. I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t want this. On the contrary, it was a huge burden. First, there was the task of keeping my brain perfectly protected. My cerebral cortex was a national treasure, a masterpiece of the Sistine Chapel of brains. This was not something that could be treated frivolously. If I could have locked it in a safe, I would have. Instead, I became obsessed with brain damage.

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