John Connally quotes

  • Priests might divide the world into good and bad. In battle there was strong and weak and nothing else.

  • Have a determination that is strong enough to move walls.

  • I have reaffirmed my political will to work towards national unity.

  • The current political tension is very serious. We have not yet ruled out a boycott of the election.

  • We have too many high-sounding words, and too few actions that correspond with them.

  • Thus we have at least a national song that unites all Germans, and is the symbol of our sixty-million nation.

  • As everyone else, I was a fan of Pink Floyd in the sixties.

  • During the Sixties, the Americans thought I was the greatest thing in the history of cinema.

  • I think of the Sixties as being every man for himself.

  • The sixties were a time when ordinary people could do extraordinary things . . . !

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