Lloyd Doggett quotes

  • Some of the same self-certified smart people, who preached about mushroom clouds and weapons of mass destruction, are once again trying to stampede us into war. They seem to think only with their guns. To those who want to shoot first and ask questions later in Iraq, I join in a firm 'No!' We've been there and done that, and America is still paying for their past failure.
    -- Lloyd Doggett

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  • Save the stonewall to build the levees.
    -- Lloyd Doggett

  • Sometimes when you get in a fight with a skunk, you can't tell who started it.
    -- Lloyd Doggett

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  • Well, dissent is the tradition in America, and I've been on the side of dissent a good bit of my career, particularly in the last many years of the Republican Congress.
    -- Lloyd Doggett

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  • I really can't complain about actresses who get paid to be dumb. Most of us can't get paid to be smart.

  • Stupid people surround themselves with smart people. Smart people surround themselves with smart people who disagree with them.

  • Tell me what you think and then tell me what the really smart person in the room who disagrees with you thinks.

  • People look at me, and they go, 'You're white, you're smart, you must have went to college. You must have grown up with money.'

  • The American people have no control over what the military does. We have no say in American foreign policy.

  • What one can be, one must be!

  • Acting is a business and a political act and a craft, but I also feel like it's a service - specifically, for a military audience.

  • All my life I've been aware of the Second World War humming in the background. I was born 10 years after it was finished, and without ever seeing it. It formed my generation and the world we lived in. I played Hurricanes and Spitfires in the playground, and war films still form the basis of all my moral philosophy. All the men I've ever got to my feet for or called sir had been in the war.

  • To be nonviolent to human beings and to be a killer or enemy of the poor animals is Satan's philosophy. In this age there is always enmity against poor animals, and therefore the poor creatures are always anxious. The reaction of the poor animals is being forced on human society, and therefore there is always strain of cold or hot war between men, individually, collectively or nationally.

  • Though the object of being a Great Power is to be able to fight a Great War, the only way of remaining a Great Power is not to fight one.

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