Joe Sample quotes

  • I love to hear the note sing.
    -- Joe Sample

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  • I visited New York in '63, intending to move there, but I noticed that what I valued about jazz was being discarded. I ran into `out-to-lunch' free jazz, and the notion that groove was old-fashioned. All around the United States, I could see jazz becoming linear, a horn-player's world. It made me realize that we were not jazz musicians; we were territory musicians in love with all forms of African-American music. All of the musicians I loved were territory musicians, deeply into blues and gospel as well as jazz.
    -- Joe Sample

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  • That was an idea of the record company, and also that was my first album after MCA and we wanted to come back with a strong album that would be noticed. If we put the vocals by very talented people and very meaningful songs, then the vocals would be a platform so that I could be noticed again. All of the MCA albums were just loaded with problems -- you know, the right musicians, the engineers. The record company would say 'You have to make music for black radio, you can't do what you have been doing with The Crusaders.' Everybody was telling me that was over, finished, done.
    -- Joe Sample

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  • I feel that Wilton Felder and Wayne Henderson have involved themselves so deeply into being Jehovah's Witnesses that Stix Hooper and I have decided we simply cannot tiptoe around them. Now at 53 years old, I am looking forward to the rest of my life.
    -- Joe Sample

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  • We must be as pure as our music.

  • If people don't like my music now, they will.

  • Pain can be washed out with a song. / Pain can become jazz digested and transformed.

  • I was considered as a jazz man rather than as a blues player. There were no blues players-you played one sort of jazz of another sort of jazz.

  • Jazz has the ability to absorb & transform influences from diverse musical styles.

  • Player for player, there’s 
no better working band in jazz than The Cookers.

  • I am viewed as the Negro who has gone outside of the categories assigned to me.

  • I can't even read notes. But I can teach someone how to make a guitar smoke.

  • Newt Gingrich seldom misses a chance to note that he is a historian.

  • Why play a chord when you can play one note?