Terry Hayes quotes

  • Some people say that compassion is the purest form of love because it neither expects nor demands anything in return.
    -- Terry Hayes

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  • Computers don't lie, but liars can compute.
    -- Terry Hayes

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  • Nobody’s ever been arrested for a murder; they have only ever been arrested for not planning it properly.
    -- Terry Hayes

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  • The world doesn't change in front of your eyes, it changes behind your back.
    -- Terry Hayes

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  • Nobody’s ever been arrested for a murder; they have only ever been arrested for not planning it properly.
    -- Terry Hayes

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  • If you want to be free, all you have to do is let go.
    -- Terry Hayes

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  • A child who had been introduced to misery in Saudi Arabia, a teenager who went to wage jihad against the Soviets in Afghanistan, a deeply devout Muslim who had graduated with honors in medicine, a man who had fed a stranger to wild dogs in Damascus, a zealot who had dosed three foreigners with smallpox and watched them die in agony, gave thanks to Allah for the blessings that had been bestowed upon him.
    -- Terry Hayes

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  • Classic romantic love is an emotional attraction between two individuals in which they may share a heightened awareness of mutual adoration. Erotic love, traditionally, has been described as shared sexual attraction.

  • I suggest you to do war but never love because in war either you live or you die. But in love neither you live nor you die.

  • Jealousy, you know, is usually not an affair of causes. It is much more-how shall I say?-fundamental than that. Based on the knowledge that one's love is not returned. And so one goes on waiting, watching, expecting...that the loved one will turn to someone else.

  • People say love can be developed, but in the end, the only person you love is yourself. That's why you choose to love someone who can please you the most.

  • I don't actually think “true love” is such a good term because love can only be true. If it isn't true it can't be love.

  • A hungry man is not a free man.

  • Once a leader delegates, he should show utmost confidence in the people he has entrusted.

  • The science of anti-Semitism finally comes to explain this phenomenon, enlightening further the consciousness of people, fully satisfying their instinct and its violent eruptions thus legitimized by revealing their cause - the parasitism of the Jews. Thus it gives us the formula of the scientific solution for the problem of Judaism, which in order to realize we have only to apply.

  • The bells they sound on Bredon, And still the steeples hum. "Come all to church, good people"- Oh, noisy bells, be dumb; I hear you, I will come.

  • Find a need and fill it. Successful businesses are founded on the needs of people.