Alex Linder quotes

  • Whites already know blacks are stupid, violent, destructive apelike creatures. That is why Whites move away from them -- always.
    -- Alex Linder

    #Stupid #Moving #Violent

  • Jews lie as reflexively and unthinkingly as humans breathe.
    -- Alex Linder

    #Lying #Breathe #Jew

  • Jews were, are, and will remain ideological dope dealers smart enough not to smoke their own stash. They sell equality heroin to you, but they never inject it themselves.
    -- Alex Linder

    #Smart #Dope #Heroin

  • I don't think women are interesting enough to merit a book. They're more of a pamphlet sex.
    -- Alex Linder

    #Sex #Book #Thinking

  • When you have success on the field, you're more popular and you have that fame that comes with it. You realize you're in the public eye more and you've got to be a little bit more careful about some of the things you're doing out in public and make sure you're smart about the things you say. You're still going to make mistakes from time to time, but you represent an even greater population and people are that much more looking for you to be in the wrong place at the wrong time or fall down or say something really stupid that's going to get you in trouble.

  • A stupid man behaves stupidly, not because he wants to, or tries to, or is motivated to, but simply because he is what he is.

  • I can remember being eight years old and having infinite possibilities. But life ends up being so much less that we thought it would be when we were kids, with relationships that are so empty and stupid and brutal. If you don't find a way to break the chain and change in some way, then you wind up, as the rhyme goes: a murder of one, for sorrow.

  • We could have made it to the Arizona border in a few more hours if we hadn't been distracting each other with stupid little arguments. Don't get me wrong; I liked J.Lo fine. I've made that bed. But I'm not sure there's a person in the world I could be with twenty-four hours a day for three weeks without getting a little snippy. If I ever meet such a person, I'm marrying them.

  • I was very good at sitting. But I just read so much research about how horrible sitting is for you. It's like, it's really bad. It's like Paula-Deen-glazed-bacon-doughnut bad. So I now move around as much as possible.

  • Blaire, This teardrop represents many things. The tears I know you’ve shed over holding your mother’s piece of satin. The tears you’ve shed over each loss you’ve experienced. But it also represents the tears we’ve both shed as we’ve felt the little life inside you begin to move. The tears I’ve shed over the fact I’ve been given someone like you to love. I never imagined anyone like you Blaire. But every time I think about forever with you I’m humbled that you chose me. This is your something blue. I love you, Rush

  • I have never been in a violent movie or television show.

  • I don't like poetry that just slaps violent words on a canvas, as it were.

  • I'm a very great non-violent character. I would never resort to violence to change anything.

  • Nothing violent, oft have I heard tell, can be permanent.

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