Otto Ohlendorf quotes

  • Because to me it is inconceivable that a subordinate leader should not carry out orders given by the leaders of the State.
    -- Otto Ohlendorf

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  • There were a large number of Jews who held more favorable positions than they should have, according to their percentage of the population. Germans should have held those positions.
    -- Otto Ohlendorf

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  • In the child, we see the grown-up. I see the problem differently.
    -- Otto Ohlendorf

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  • The treatment of the Germans by the Allies was at least as bad as the shooting of those Jews. The bombing of cities with men, women, and children burning with phosphorus - these things were all done by the Allies.
    -- Otto Ohlendorf

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  • I surrendered my moral conscience to the fact that I was a soldier, and therefore a cog in a relatively low position of a great machine.
    -- Otto Ohlendorf

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  • The Obama administration has issued numerous orders essentially suspending deportations, prompting a major spike in illegal crossings.

  • The search for safety takes its clearest form... in the compulsive-obsessive neurosis... to frantically order and stabilize the world so that no unmanageable, unexpected or unfamiliar dangers will ever appear.

  • A man's respect for law and order exists in precise relationship to the size of his paycheck.

  • It is our experience that political leaders do not always mean the opposite of what they say.

  • But the leaders of the OIC could not even accept Mahathir's proposal, yet they talk about respect and honour.

  • We brought the religious leaders and the secular development workers together in one room. We asked the religious leaders what are your reservations about development workers? And we asked the development workers, what are your reservations about religious leaders? It turns out that most of the problems are not really problems at all, but rather misunderstandings, misconceptions, and mis-communications.

  • You have to work with what you are given, even in Shakespeare. we have our form and it is important that we free ourselves through it.

  • Given a fair chance, human beings can govern themselves, and govern themselves better

  • What is morality in any given time or place? It is what the majority then and there happen to like and immorality is what they dislike.

  • But what we are given is taken as well, so that we know God's glory comes to us from His will alone.