Alain Juppe quotes

  • The job of dictator is now a high-risk job.
    -- Alain Juppe

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  • If the only obstacle to the renewal and modernization of France is a choice of personnel, I am completely convinced that the president will make the right choice, .. What is at stake is not Alain Juppe but France.
    -- Alain Juppe

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  • Our diplomacy ended up giving a bad conscience to an international community capable only of expressing noble sentiments while doing nothing, .. So how can one explain that we are today investigating an action our country should be proud of?.
    -- Alain Juppe

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  • Did not manage to convince the French people that we were going in the right direction.
    -- Alain Juppe

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  • In politics, one is never finished. Look at me!
    -- Alain Juppe

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  • It is the woman - nearly always - in spite of all the advances of modern feminism, who still takes responsibility for the bulk of the chores, as well as doing her paid job. This is true even in households where men try to be unselfish and to do their share.

  • Steve Jobs is the most epic entrepreneur of all time. He served as a guiding light for any emerging businessperson who wanted to learn how things should get done. He'll be looked at as one of the best business leaders of all time, and certainly one of the best tech entrepreneurs.

  • Rent' was my first professional job, ever.

  • I'm an actor in between jobs right now, so I kind of live the life of a 7-year old.

  • The Middle East has the highest unemployment percentage of any region in the world we have the largest youth cohort of history coming into the market place that frustration does translate into the political sphere when people are hungry and without jobs.

  • Life is all about taking risk to get what you want.

  • I enjoy the risk of bungee-jumping. I used to pay money to do it. Now, it's the opposite. I get paid to do action.

  • The thing is doing it, that's what it's all about. Not in the results of it. After all what is a risk? It's a risk not to take risks. Otherwise, you can go stale and repeat yourself. I don't feel like a person who takes risks. Yet there's something within me that must provoke controversy because I find it wherever I go. Anybody who cares about what he does takes risks.

  • Every dictator uses religion as a prop to keep himself in power.

  • Dictators free themselves, but they enslave the people.

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