Didi Conn quotes

  • I love working in the theater.
    -- Didi Conn


  • When I was in fourth grade... this wonderful teacher said you didn't have to write a book report, you could just talk about the book, you could do a drawing of the book, you could write a play inspired by the book, and that's what I did. I got to be so famous. I had to go around to every school and perform it. It was just so natural and fun.
    -- Didi Conn

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  • When anything is wrong with your child, your first instinct is to make it better.
    -- Didi Conn

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  • My teachers encouraged me to audition for some professional work during our summer vacation. I landed my first job. It was for the National Theatre Company's Mimika Pantomime troupe. I ended up touring with them for the next two years.
    -- Didi Conn

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  • I wouldn't believe there was something 'wrong' with my son.
    -- Didi Conn

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  • [Kids today] think "Grease" is just one long music video. So they watch it over and over again the way we, when we were kids, we listened to albums.
    -- Didi Conn

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  • There are television critics, movie critics, and theater critics too who I like and who I follow and I get genuinely bummed when they don't like something that I've written because I usually agree with them.

  • My first wife was a theater person.

  • I am more alive in the theater than anywhere else, but what I take into the theater I get from the streets.

  • Originally, theater was my life. It was what I assumed I'd spend my working life doing - if I was lucky. Then along came movies.

  • One does not go to the theater to escape from himself, but to reestablish contact with the mystery that we all are.

  • I have a passion to do theater.

  • My background is in theater. I was a theater major in college.

  • The theater is magical and addictive.

  • I want to do #‎ stage again, because there just aren't words for how great it is. People say that all the time, 'There's nothing like live #‎ theater , blah blah,' but it's really true. I see a show and I know how they feel, and it feels great.

  • I had an interest, for as long as I could remember, in theater.