Jake Delhomme quotes

  • He hasn't lost his vision. That's one thing. He's good. The guy is smooth and knows how to set up blocks. He's a veteran, too. It's fun to watch him run. Hopefully everything works out all right physically, but certainly he looks good so far.
    -- Jake Delhomme

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  • I really lost vision of the guy and it's on me.
    -- Jake Delhomme

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  • It wasn't a revenge game or a get-back game, because that was a long time ago. This was just a big win for us.
    -- Jake Delhomme

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  • The rain is plentious but, by God's decree, Only a third is meant for you and me; Two-thirds are taken by the growing things Or vanish Heavenward on vapour's wings: Nor does it mathematically fall With social equity on one and all. The population's habit is to grow In every region where the water's low: Nature is blamed for failings that are Man's, And well-run rivers have to change their plans.

  • Rogue Squadron doesn’t run. Unless we really, really have to." "No, this will be Wraith Squadron’s mission." "We don’t mind running. Even when we don’t have to.

  • I used to wanna rap like Jay-Z, Now I feel I could run laps around Jay-Z, Nas ain't seen nothing this nasty, B.I.G. & Pac got it coming when I pass too. You got the mic, I ain't the one you wanna pass to

  • It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?

  • The science of booby-trapping has taken a good deal of the fun out of following hot on the enemy's heels.

  • I would love to work with Salman. We have a great tuning so if we work together, it will be great fun. But till the time we don't get a good script, a script that excites both of us, we can't work together.

  • When we are in our studios, in our private space... we need to block out the outside world; we need to disbelieve anything that would doubt us, because - everyone will doubt us if we allow them that space.

  • Everybody was happy my brother was locked up. Not me because I know what it feels like to be in there. It ain't made for everybody, but I knocked a lot of blocks down.

  • The alleycats manipulate the blocks with gutter magic

  • You can play some schlock like New Kids On the Block.

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