Alan Trammell quotes

  • The Bay of Bengal is hit frequently by cyclones. The months of November and May, in particular, are dangerous in this regard.

  • You know, I have a kid on my own, and I know how busy it is, the first weeks and the first month.

  • But Nature too, shakes off her sleep today; By May's mild sun we see reviv'd her frame, Around my window Venus' birds proclaim, The month most cherish'd backwards bends his way!

  • April fool, n. The March fool with another month added to his folly.

  • I became CEO at the beginning of the hit on old economy stocks. When something like that occurs in your first six months as a CEO of a more traditional branded firm, it makes for a fast learning curve.

  • You never realize how much you value something until you are faced with the prospect of losing it.

  • Win without boasting. Lose without excuse.

  • I very much dislike the intolerance and moralism of many Christians, and feel more sympathy with Honest Doubters than with them.

  • Do you know that the tendrils of graft and corruption have become mighty interlacing roots so that even men who would like to be honest are tripped and trapped by them?

  • Mistakes are a great educator when one is honest enough to admit them and willing to learn from them

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