William Johnson Cory quotes

  • Jolly boating weather, And a hay harvest breeze, Blade on the feather, Shade off the trees.
    -- William Johnson Cory

    #Weather #Tree #Hay

  • Somewhere there must one Made for this soul, to move it.
    -- William Johnson Cory

    #Love #Moving #Soul

  • But you go to a great school, not for knowledge so much as for arts and habits; for the habit of attention, for the art of expression, for the art of assuming at a moment's notice a new intellectual posture, for the art of entering quickly into another person's thoughts, for the habit of submitting to censure and refutation, for the art of indicating assent or dissent in graduated terms, for the habit of regarding minute points of accuracy, for the habit of working out what is possible in a given time, for taste, for discrimination, for mental courage and mental soberness.
    -- William Johnson Cory

    #Art #School #Expression

  • All beauteous things for which we live By laws of space and time decay. But Oh, the very reason why I clasp them, is because they die.
    -- William Johnson Cory

    #Time #Law #Space

  • They told me, Heraclitus, they told me you were dead, / They brought me bitter news to hear, and bitter tears to shed.
    -- William Johnson Cory

    #Tears #News #Bitter

  • Your chilly stars I can forgo, this warm kind world is all I know.
    -- William Johnson Cory

    #Stars #World #Kind

  • A good roast of sun, it slows you, lets you relax–and out here if there's anything wrong, you can see it coming with bags of time to do what's next. This is the place and the weather for peace, for the cultivation of a friendly mind.

  • I go through the same problems all young people go through. Being in this business, I accept that there are positives and negatives but having a strong family base and a belief in God enables me to weather the storms.

  • When the weather is hot, keep a cool mind. When the weather is cold, keep a warm heart.

  • In friendship's fragrant garden, There are flowers of every hue. Each with its own fair beauty And its gift of joy for you. Friendship's Garden If love were what the rose is, And I were like the leaf, Our lives would grow together In sad or singing weather.

  • Supposing a tree fell down, Pooh, when we were underneath it?' 'Supposing it didn't,' said Pooh after careful thought. Piglet was comforted by this.

  • Human life and objects and trees vibrate with mysterious meanings, which can be deciphered like cuneiform writing. There exists a meaning, hidden from day to day, but accessible in moments of greatest attentiveness, in those moments when consciousness loves the world.

  • Censorship is saying: 'I'm the one who says the last sentence. Whatever you say, the conclusion is mine.' But the internet is like a tree that is growing. The people will always have the last word - even if someone has a very weak, quiet voice. Such power will collapse because of a whisper.

  • The tree of life for me is a symbol of abundance and eternal life.

  • Tell me of what plant-birthday a man takes notice, and I shall tell you a good deal about his vocation, his hobbies, his hay fever, and the general level of his ecological education.

  • (from John Hay's diary) “The President never appeared to better advantage in the world,” Hay proudly noted in his diary. “Though He knows how immense is the danger to himself from the unreasoning anger of that committee, he never cringed to them for an instant. He stood where he thought he was right and crushed them with his candid logic.

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