Damon Knight quotes

  • One of my many theories about short stories is that their titles and first lines ought to be memorable, because if not memorable they will not be remembered, and if not remembered the stories will not be reprinted (because no one can find them).
    -- Damon Knight

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  • The popularity of conspiracy theories is explained by people's desire to believe that there is - some group of folks who know what they're doing
    -- Damon Knight

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  • Science fiction is what I point at when I say science fiction.
    -- Damon Knight

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  • It is true that all of us are the beneficiaries of crimes committed by our ancestors, and it is true that nothing can be done about that now because the victims are dead and the survivors are innocent. These are good reasons for keeping our mouths shut about the past: but tell me, what are our reasons for silence about atrocities still to come?
    -- Damon Knight

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  • During the four days of the storm, I became accustomed to the soft light of lamps and candles and grew to like it. When the power came on again, I discovered that I was actually disappointed. The electric lights seemed cold and impersonal; they revealed too much.
    -- Damon Knight

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  • We live on a minute island of known things. Our undiminished wonder at the mystery which surrounds us is what makes us human. In science fiction we can approach that mystery, not in small, everyday symbols, but in bigger ones of space and time.
    -- Damon Knight

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  • There are more riddles in a stone than in a philosopher's head
    -- Damon Knight

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  • By focusing on the interior of a speaker's larynx and using infrared, he was able to convert the visible vibrations of the vocal cords into sound of fair quality, but that did not satisfy him. He worked for a while on vibrations picked up from panes of glass in windows and on framed pictures, and he experimented briefly with the diaphragms in speaker systems, intercoms and telephones. He kept on into October without stopping, and finally achieved a device that would give tinny but recognizable sound from any vibrating surface - a wall, a floor, even the speaker's own cheek or forehead.
    -- Damon Knight

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  • Driving down the wrong road and knowing it, The fork years behind, how many have thought To pull up on the shoulder and leave the car Empty, strike out across the fields; and how many Are still mazed among dock and thistle, Seeking the road they should have taken?
    -- Damon Knight

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  • People who fight fire with fire usually end up with ashes.

  • Never do anything yourself that others can do for you.

  • The tourist may complain of other tourists, but he would be lost without them.

  • Tasting a dish should be memorable If nothing remains in the memory of a single guest, then I have made a mistake.

  • I've always been fond of the glam-rocker title.

  • You can be born with a title, but not respect. You have to earn that.

  • Old books that we have known but not possessed cross our path and invite themselves over. New books try to seduce us daily with tempting titles and tantalizing covers.

  • Fighters with 13 fights are winning world titles, and of course they don't know how to behave.

  • Miss: A title with which we brand unmarried women to indicate that they are in the market. Miss, Misses (Mrs.) and Mister (Mr.) are the three most distinctly disagreeable words in the language, in sound and sense.

  • The eyes have a property in things and territories not named in any title-deeds, and are the owners of our choicest possessions.