Walter Johnson quotes

  • Well I can't rightly say (which player hit the ball hardest), but the ones (home runs by) Ruth hit got smaller quicker.
    -- Walter Johnson

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  • You can't hit what you can't see
    -- Walter Johnson


  • Can I throw harder than Joe Wood? Listen mister, no man alive can throw any harder than Smoky Joe Wood.
    -- Walter Johnson

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  • (Bob) Feller isn't quite as fast as I was.
    -- Walter Johnson

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  • I throw as hard as I can when I think I have to throw as hard as I can.
    -- Walter Johnson

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  • I was the greenest rookie that ever was. One evening I was standing out on the sidewalk when a stranger approached and said, 'You're famous already kid. See, they've named a hotel for you.' I looked across the street and sure enough, there was a big illuminated sign that read 'Johnson Hotel.' Well, do you know that I was so green that I actually believed the man!
    -- Walter Johnson

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  • Nobody saw it, he (Rogers Hornsby) hit it and it disappeared.
    -- Walter Johnson

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  • The beanball is one of the meanest things on Earth and no decent fellow would use it. The beanball is a potential murderer. If I were a batter and thought the pitcher really tried to bean me, I'd be inclined to wait for him outside the park with a baseball bat.
    -- Walter Johnson

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  • The cost of anything is the foregone alternative.
    -- Walter Johnson

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  • There's nothing bad that accrues from baseball.

  • There are a lot of people who know me who can't understand for the life of them why I would got to work on something as unserious as baseball. If they only knew.

  • For me, baseball is the most nourishing game outside of literature. They both are re-tellings of human experience.

  • Saint George killed the last dragon, and he was called a hero for it. I've never seen a dragon, and I wish he would have left at least one. Saint Patrick made a name for himself by running the snakes out of Ireland, leaving the place vulnerable to rodent infestation. This business of making saints out of men who exterminate their fellow creatures has got to stop. All I'm saying is, it's starting to get a little lonely up here at the top of the food chain.

  • When the guy says go, you start to suffer - or you might as well not be out there. It's a small piece of your life, make it hurt.

  • He wasn't what sent me running. He was what had made me want to stay.

  • If this world affords true happiness, it is to be found in a home where love and confidence increase with the years, where the necessities of life come without severe strain, where luxuries enter only after their cost has been carefully considered.

  • I don't do office work at home.

  • Animals play a big part in my life, on tour or at home.

  • You are talking to a leftist. I believe in the redistribution of wealth and power in the world. I believe in universal hospital care for everyone. I believe that we should not have a single homeless person in the richest country in the world. And I believe that we should not have a C.I.A. that goes around overwhelming governments and assassinating political leaders, working for tight oligarchies around the world to protect the tight oligarchy here at home.

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