Alfred Jodl quotes

  • The Pact of Munich is signed. Czechoslovakia as a power is out.
    -- Alfred Jodl

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  • My most profound confidence is however based upon the fact that at the head of Germany there stands a man by his entire development, his desires, and striving can only have been destined by fate to lead our people into a brighter future.
    -- Alfred Jodl

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  • It is tragic that the Fuehrer should have the whole nation behind him with the single exception of the Army generals. In my opinion it is only by action that they can now atone for their faults of lack of character and discipline.
    -- Alfred Jodl

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  • In view of the vast size of the occupied areas in the East the forces available for establishing security in these areas will be sufficient only if all resistance is punished not by legal prosecution of the guilty but by the spreading of such terror by the occupying power as is appropriate to eradicate every inclination to resist among the population. The competent commanders must find the means of keeping order not by demanding more security forces but by applying suitable Draconian methods.
    -- Alfred Jodl

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  • The indictment knocked me on the head. First of all, I hand no idea at all about 90 per cent of the accusations in it. The crimes are horrible beyond belief, if they are true. Secondly, I don't see how they can fail to recognize a soldier's obligation to obey orders. That's the code I've live by all my life.
    -- Alfred Jodl

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  • Death - by hanging! - that, at least, I did not deserve. The death part - all right, somebody has to stand for the responsibility. But that - that I did not deserve!
    -- Alfred Jodl

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  • Yes, I'm very normal, everything is okay, I won't become a psychiatric case.
    -- Alfred Jodl

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  • To this very day, I do not know what he (Hitler) thought or knew or really wanted. I only knew my own thoughts and suspicions.
    -- Alfred Jodl

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  • Hitler [had an] excess of imagination, which very frequently foresaw what would happen but also very often went astray.
    -- Alfred Jodl

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  • The stadium here in Munich is the best of the lot for me. It is absolutely fantastic, especially the way it lights up a different colour according to who is playing. It's superb

  • After the first exams, I switched to the Faculty of Philosophy and studied Zoology in Munich and Vienna.

  • The people on the streets just say 'hi' and let me walk on. They take relatively few photos, and those that do are tourists. Munich natives are relatively relaxed. They pretty much leave me in peace and I think that's very good. The Bavarian mentality fits very well to me.

  • I cried when Mario Gotze told me hell leave Borussia Dortmund & join Bayern Munich

  • Kandinsky in Munich uttered the well known words: 'Everything is permitted!' In 1961; we still live by this heritage, which in truth is inexhaustible.

  • I also work with the regular orchestras in Munich, Germany and other similar orchestras.

  • Really fantastic film, 'Munich'. So yeah, if I would say, what's the most underappreciated film, I think 'Munich' would be the one.

  • I love the city and the people of Munich. I have many great friends there.

  • History is a pact between the dead, the living, and the yet unborn.

  • To be a great pilot you have to make a pact with the devil, but don't let him swallow you up.