Joseph Crowley quotes

  • Some of the FDA's own scientists have charged that politics, not science, is behind the FDA's actions.
    -- Joseph Crowley

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  • I believe that the United States has a moral obligation to stand up for those citizens of the world who cannot stand up for themselves, and I am proud to have authored the bill signed into law today that continues to put significant pressure on the brutal Burmese military junta.
    -- Joseph Crowley

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  • The American people and American businesses are looking to the federal government to lead our nation on the path to economic recovery. It is time to stop splitting hairs. It is time to act.
    -- Joseph Crowley

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  • We are not a monolithic group of individuals, not every single person believes the exact same thing.
    -- Joseph Crowley

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  • The role at the DCCC as well as the role of chief deputy whip - I wouldn't be where I am in those spots if it were not for the speaker's approval.
    -- Joseph Crowley

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  • Dean Burk, PhD, of the National Cancer Institute (head of their Cytochemistry Section and 32-year veteran at the agency) declared in a (May 30,1972) letter to (congressman Louis Frey, Jr.) that high officials of the FDA, AMA and ACS (American Cancer Society), were deliberately falsifying information, literally lying...and in other ways thwarting potential cancer cures to which they were opposed.

  • The FDA has received over a million comments from citizens demanding labeling of GMOs. 90 percent of Americans agree. So, why no labeling?

  • There had been a head of the FDA (who later turned out to be a fraud) his name was Fishbein and he was rampantly opposed to any alternative therapy. He went after Hoxsey, the Hoxsey therapy back in the 1940's and 50's, and destroyed Hoxsey. But not before Hoxsey sued the AMA and Fishbein and [proved] that the therapy actually worked. But it didn't help him because they closed him down anyhow

  • Nothing counts but pressure, pressure, more pressure, and still more pressure through broad organized aggressive mass action.

  • Dream, Dream Dream Dreams transform into thoughts And thoughts result in action.

  • How accurately can the law fix the crime? There has to be a mechanism for very fast action. The law is like this: catch them and punish them.

  • How often it is that a small action becomes great by its intention. And how often it is that a great action becomes small by its intention.

  • The world turns on our every action, and our every omission, whether we know it or not.

  • I really struggle to pinpoint whether I became a scientist because I like science fiction, or did I gravitate to science fiction because I identified strongly with scientists.

  • But how is one to make a scientist understand that there is something unalterably deranged about differential calculus, quantum theory, or the obscene and so inanely liturgical ordeals of the precession of the equinoxes.

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