Kyle Newman quotes

  • I think everybody should see ('The Star Wars Holiday Special') to realize how bad something can be. There are some cool things in there, but it's two hours long, and you could probably cut it down to about two minutes and twelve seconds of cool material. The animated Boba Fett sequence is great, and there's some cool stuff, but overall, the whole format of a variety show in the 'Star Wars' universe is just a train wreck.
    -- Kyle Newman

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  • You're Beautiful! (Pass it on).
    -- Kyle Newman


  • If you don't love all the Star Wars movies, you're not a true fan.
    -- Kyle Newman


  • I never expected Star Wars to all of a sudden become like The Matrix and change perspective on things. I respected it trying to stay close to the style of what George Lucas was originally doing. I don't understand how people can hate them. I think even the most cynical person can find something that reminds them of the Star Wars they loved. They're not void of that. Maybe there are holes, but it's like your family: You accept people's shortcomings, and you still love them.
    -- Kyle Newman

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  • Violence begets violence by whomever used. War is a dirty business and entails the use of degrading means, whoever wages it.

  • Though the object of being a Great Power is to be able to fight a Great War, the only way of remaining a Great Power is not to fight one.

  • Lenin was the first to discover that capitalism 'inevitably' caused war; and he discovered this only when the First World War was already being fought. Of course he was right. Since every great state was capitalist in 1914.

  • This book has been a catalogue of mistakes by politicians, moral and practical disasters which led to wars, enslavement and wretchedness on a scale which no previous age could have dreaded or dreamed of.

  • Well, fancy giving money to the Government! Might as well have put it down the drain. Fancy giving money to the Government! Nobody will see the stuff again. Well, they've not idea what money's for- Ten to one they'll start another war. I've heard a lot of silly things, but, Lor'! Fancy giving money to the Government!

  • ...reality, however utopian, is something from which people feel the need of taking pretty frequent holidays....

  • When I go on holiday, I wear wedges. They accentuate your leg, honey, and you have to look good on the beach.

  • Every age cuts and pastes history to suit its own purposes; art always has an ax to grind.

  • You see, Hansel and Gretel don’t just show up at the end of this story. They show up. And then they get their heads cut off. Just thought you’d like to know.

  • Real evidence is usually vague and unsatisfactory. It has to be examined---sifted. But here the whole thing is cut and dried. No, my friend, this evidence has been very cleverly manufactured---so cleverly that it has defeated its own ends.