A. L. Rowse quotes

  • History is a great deal closer to poetry than is generally realised: in truth, I think, it is in essence the same.
    -- A. L. Rowse

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  • I do not wish to die- There is such contingent beauty in life: The open window on summer mornings Looking out on gardens and green things growing, The shadowy cups of roses flowering to themselves- Images of time and eternity- Silence in the garden and felt along the walls.
    -- A. L. Rowse

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  • Bound as our lives are to the tyranny of time, it is through what we know of history that we are delivered from our bonds and escape - into time.
    -- A. L. Rowse


  • If there is any honor in all the world that I should like, it would be to be an honorary Jewish citizen.
    -- A. L. Rowse

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  • One might regard architecture as history arrested in stone.
    -- A. L. Rowse

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  • A little group of thatched cottages in the middle of the village had an orchard attached; and I remember well the peculiar purity of the blue sky seen through the white clusters of apple blossom in spring. I remember being moonstruck looking at it one morning early on my way to school. It meant something for me; what, I couldn't say. It gave me such an unease at heart, some reaching out towards perfection such as impels men into religion, some sense of the transcendence of things, of the fragility of our hold on life.
    -- A. L. Rowse

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  • This filthy twentieth century. I hate its guts.
    -- A. L. Rowse

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  • Walking is the favorite sport of the good and wise.
    -- A. L. Rowse

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  • I would never wound a cat's feelings, no matter how downright aggressive I might be to humans.
    -- A. L. Rowse

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  • The interesting adults are always the school failures, the weird ones, the losers, the malcontents, this isn’t wishful thinking. It’s the rule.

  • Our God has boundless resources. The only limit is in us. Our asking, our thinking, our praying are too small. Our expectations are too limited.

  • Because of a friend, life is a little stronger, fuller, more gracious thing for the friend's existence, whether he be near or far. If the friend is close at hand, that is best; but if he is far away he still is there to think of, to wonder about, to hear from, to write to, to share life and experience with, to serve, to honor, to admire, to love.

  • Congenial labor is essence of happiness.

  • suffering is the essence of success!!!

  • Patience is the essence of clicking great Photographs!!

  • growth requires purposeful division. Responsible dissent is the essence of democracy.

  • The essence of humor is that it should be unexpected, that it should embody an element of surprise, that it should startle us out of that reasonable gravity which, after all, must be our habitual frame of mind.

  • Once upon a time, a historian told me that the most important choice a new historian could make was of his or her specialist subject. Most of the good stuff was far too overcrowded, so you had to pick about in the exotic and extinct. His recommendations were the Picts or the Minoans, because hardly anything was known about them and you could spend a happy lifetime of speculation.

  • History does not eliminate grievances. It lays them down like landmines.