Mia Michaels quotes

  • Stay hungry to become the best that you can be. Never be satisfied with the level of artistry you've attained. You can always be better.
    -- Mia Michaels

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  • If you dance with your heart, your body will follow.
    -- Mia Michaels

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  • You are the only one of you. From the beginning of time till the end of this world to the end of eternity. There's only one of you ever created. Ev-er. You are the only you. That's pretty powerful. So why on earth would you want to look like anybody else, dress like anyone else, dance like anyone else, be someone else, when you are a legend in your own right?
    -- Mia Michaels

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  • If your soul dances, your body follows
    -- Mia Michaels

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  • Dancing is a feeling expressed from the inside out.
    -- Mia Michaels

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  • In the place where you feel completely uncomfortable, is the place where you find your genius.
    -- Mia Michaels

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  • The beauty of art is that there are no rules
    -- Mia Michaels

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  • I look at my career and I feel like I haven’t even started yet. I feel like I haven’t even begun to shift the planet. But I’m so excited because Rock of Ages is one of the first steps of that new phase in my life.
    -- Mia Michaels

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  • I know I'm capable of greatness, and I'm expecting to reach that level.

  • There's a certain level of pageantry with 'Idol,' and in order to work the show, you kind of have to feed into it.

  • I like the level of fame that I have. You get nice tables in restaurants sometimes, but fame isn't something that I find comfortable.

  • After a certain high level of technical skill is achieved science and art tend to coalesce in aesthetics, plasticity, and form. The greatest scientists are artists as well.

  • No, I slept as I always do when I am bored and have not the courage to amuse myself, or when I am hungry and have not the desire to eat.--The Count of Monte Cristo

  • A refugee population is hungry for language and aware that anything can happen.

  • Being awesome makes me hungry.

  • Taste begins when appetite is satisfied.

  • I just hope I can get another personal best. If I can do that, I'll be satisfied.

  • I won't be satisfied until I've put the entire security industry out of work.

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