Lyn Hejinian quotes

  • I was eventually to become one person, gathered up maybe, during a pause, at a comma.
    -- Lyn Hejinian


  • The idea of the person enters poetics where art and reality, or intentionality and circumstance, meet.
    -- Lyn Hejinian

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  • The 'open text' often emphasizes or foregrounds process, either the process of the original composition or of subsequent compositions by readers.
    -- Lyn Hejinian

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  • People must flatter their own eyes with their pathetic lives. The things I was saying followed logically the things that I had said before, yet bore no relation to what I was thinking and feeling.
    -- Lyn Hejinian

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  • To some extent, each sentence has to be the whole story.
    -- Lyn Hejinian

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  • A fragment is not a fraction but a whole piece
    -- Lyn Hejinian

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  • This poem is one of a series, all of them elegiac in intention, and subject to the strange forces of mourning that let loose illogical developments, into impossible configurations of thought. The poem is built of non-sequiturs, because that's what's left in the wake of the death. We cannot follow the dead, whether they are persons or ideas. Instead we remain, but in a situation that, in their absence, makes no sense.
    -- Lyn Hejinian

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  • Putting facts by the thousands, into the world, the toes take off with an appealing squeak which the thumping heel follows confidentially, the way men greet men. Sometimes walking is just such elated pumping.
    -- Lyn Hejinian

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  • She's a person; the doctor pronounces her dead, not the news.

  • I'm not the type of person that is forced.

  • Anybody who has interacted with me will definitely find me to be a chirpy person.

  • But let no person say what they would or would not do, since we are not judges for ourselves until circumstances call us to act.

  • When you advise any person you should be guided by the fear of God.

  • I'd never hurt another person.

  • The power and the potency of music will transcend any one person's opinion about it.

  • Yoga carves you into a different person - and that is satisfying physically.

  • My family joke that I'm really a very senior person who accidentally happens to be 11.

  • What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.