Paul Tergat quotes

  • Ask yourself: 'Can I give more?'. The answer is usually: 'Yes'.
    -- Paul Tergat

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  • My upbringing gave me a strong will, a mental aggressiveness in what I wanted to achieve.
    -- Paul Tergat

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  • I thought the race could be won in the last kilometers in the park. Every hill I ran in training I ran to gain an extra step in the park.
    -- Paul Tergat

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  • It's probably the toughest distance race in the world to win. World class runners from 1500m to the marathon contest it and instead of just three runners from each country, like in the Olympics or World Championships, in the senior men's race there are nine.
    -- Paul Tergat

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  • I feel it was just a few years ago I was running around in short pants

  • The day we run out of petrol is the day Iran will be free.

  • There is not a command God gives to His children for which He does not provide the enablement for obedience.

  • We must see what in the Israeli identity - in the Israeli - we can give to other people rather than speaking so often of taking, expanding territory.

  • The Lord has different names according to His different activities. For example, His name is Madhusüdana because He killed the demon of the name Madhu; His name is Govinda because He gives pleasure to the cows and to the senses

  • If a boxer ever went as crazy as Nijinsky all the wowsers in the world would be screaming 'punch-drunk.' Well, who hit Nijinsky? And why isn't there a campaign against ballet? It gives girls thick legs

  • I am a big admirer of Sachin and his personality. He is a source of inspiration for the country and just looking at his photographs gives a lot of positive vibes.

  • The principle of Sturgeon's Razor states that the simplest answer to any problem is 90% crap

  • It is not enough for me to ask question; I want to know how to answer the one question that seems to encompass everything I face: What am I here for?

  • So how can a poet-an intelligent, serious poet-write mystical verse now? The poetry of Adam Zagajewski provides the beginning of an answer to this question.

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