Ahmed Zaki Yamani quotes

  • The first law of economics is that when the price goes up, consumption comes down. This is a divine law.
    -- Ahmed Zaki Yamani

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  • The Stone Age did not end for lack of stone, and the Oil Age will end long before the world runs out of oil.
    -- Ahmed Zaki Yamani

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  • The oil companies are really making a very lucrative amount of profit from the high price of oil. I don't that they're very keen to reduce the price of oil. The consumers are those who are the victims so I think that the producers, the governments, some of them, they're enjoying the high revenue that they get.
    -- Ahmed Zaki Yamani

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  • Every day we hear about a new invention here and there and they are reducing considerably their consumption of oil. But the day they use hydrogen for transportation, this is the day that oil disappears.
    -- Ahmed Zaki Yamani

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  • I will do my best to reduce the price of oil to expand the life span of oil at least for two decades or three decades.
    -- Ahmed Zaki Yamani

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  • I think the main problem we have is the pricing of oil as it is now. I think it's wrong. It does not reflect the fundamentals of supply/demand.
    -- Ahmed Zaki Yamani

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  • A small group of people, they raise the price of oil and the whole world will suffer from this.
    -- Ahmed Zaki Yamani

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  • One company can serve some of your needs all of the time, or all of your needs some of the time, but never both.

  • Ethics and religion must not stay at home when we go to work.

  • Baseball has the largest library of law and love and custom and ritual, and therefore, in a nation that fundamentally believes it is a nation under law, well, baseball is America's most privileged version of the level field.

  • The Common Law of England has been laboriously built about a mythical figure-the figure of 'The Reasonable Man'.

  • The principle of Parliamentary sovereignty means neither more nor less than this, namely, that Parliament thus defined has, under the English constitution, the right to make or unmake any law whatever; and, further, that no person or body is recognised by the law of England as having a right to override or set aside the legislation of Parliament.

  • How accurately can the law fix the crime? There has to be a mechanism for very fast action. The law is like this: catch them and punish them.

  • One of the first signs of a Spirit-filled life is enthusiasm!

  • This is not the first time in my life where you know going into a job that you're going to hear in stereo what was wrong with what you did.

  • Sometimes to heal, you must first get hurt.

  • The man who pauses on the paths of treason, Halts on a quicksand, the first step engulfs him.