Bill Huizenga quotes

  • You can have whatever you want if you believe in yourself and keep your feet firmly planted in the ground.

  • The really clever people now want to be lawyers or journalists.

  • People should pay more attention. Everyone wants attention, but no one wants to give attention.

  • If you want to go to the mall, you have to take security. But it's always cool. The kids are amazing.

  • Honestly, I've always had difficulty relaxing, unwinding and going to bed - that kind of stuff.

  • Let me get this straight," I say. "You're practically ordering me to die. What kind of guidance counselor are you?

  • She was the kind of person who would rather light a candle than curse the darkness.

  • The people that were invested in me staying the same way after a decade will most likely by default have to be disappointed.

  • You won't rise to the occasion - you'll default to your level of training.

  • Anyone who wants to run has to be a Jimmy Swaggart, minus the default.

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