Madeline Hunter quotes

  • I did indeed say you could have lovers. But I never promised that I would not kill them.
    -- Madeline Hunter


  • You touch the world even if you do not want it to touch you. -Leona Montgomery
    -- Madeline Hunter

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  • If you want to feel secure, do what you already know how to do. If you want to be a true professional and continue to grow... Go to the cutting edge of your competency, which means a temporary loss of security. So whenever you don't quite know what you're doing, know you're growing.
    -- Madeline Hunter

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  • To say that you have taught when students haven't learned is to say you have sold when no one has bought. But how can you know that students have learned without spending hours correcting tests and papers? . . . check students understanding while you are teaching (not at 10 o'clock at night when you're correcting papers) so you don't move on with unlearned material that can accumulate like a snowball and eventually engulf the student in confusion and despair.
    -- Madeline Hunter

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  • Teaching is not telling and learning is not having been told.
    -- Madeline Hunter


  • Any growth requires a temporary loss of security.
    -- Madeline Hunter

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  • Historical romance is still very strong in the market. Writers of historical romance are making the bestselling lists on a regular basis and careers are growing. However, since there is much more variety in romance today, the total sales of historicals might be down from their peak. The talk of the market softening is a reflection of this, and of the fact that one does not see big growth in this area of the market.
    -- Madeline Hunter

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  • The romance is the primary plot in a story that has two plots. The second plot is not a subplot, but one that is interwoven with the romance plot (if that makes sense.) A story needs compelling characters in a compelling plot.
    -- Madeline Hunter

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  • Why to mute fish should'st thou thyself discoverAnd not to me, thy no less silent lover?

  • The true heart of all human beings is the lover of what is.

  • True debauchery is liberating because it creates no obligations. In it you possess only yourself, hence it remains the favorite pastime of the great lovers of their own person.

  • Because there is nothing here than invites us to cherish unhappy lovers. Nothing is more vain than to die for love. What we ought to do is live.

  • While friends and lovers mourn your silly grave, I have other uses for you, darling. I love the dead.

  • One must be rich in thought and character to owe nothing to books.

  • A good lover will do that, see something worthwhile in you that you never knew was there. And when there's something you don't like to see in yourself a good lover won't see it either.

  • Tropical nights are hammocks for lovers.

  • Perhaps we were friends first and lovers second. But then perhaps this is what lovers are.

  • We all have bullets beneath our skin we pray our lovers won't flinch at when they find.