Adam Kinzinger quotes

  • About 70 percent of the district was new. It was a short amount of time to get to know hundreds and thousands of people. But with the help and support of old friends, we built a grassroots operation organically from the ground up.
    -- Adam Kinzinger

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  • Its not about earning a paycheck, its about doing something good that you believe in.
    -- Adam Kinzinger

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  • Americans in general have a lot of compassion, we just don't always have the same view of how that compassion is implemented.
    -- Adam Kinzinger

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  • Tonight Illinois has set a tone for the nation, that we won't stand idle hoping that our economy improves. This is a brand new day for the Illinois Republican Party.
    -- Adam Kinzinger

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  • I meet with ambassadors from all countries in my role as a member of Congress, and you always have better relationships with those you actually personally get along with. That matters. So if there is chemistry between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, maybe that can bode for something.
    -- Adam Kinzinger

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  • Russia is a competitor. They're a strong nation, something we need to recognize, but their economy is just a little bit bigger than Illinois, so they're not our equal. I think its important to engage them. And I think it's important that we continue to fight for human rights, which is essential to denying the next generation of terrorists their recruits and this is a long-term fight we're in when it comes to the war on terror. And I think the Russians are exacerbating this by making people displaced and killing families and that's how you lead to radicalization.
    -- Adam Kinzinger

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  • Putin knows how to run the KGB playbook. I mean, he knows how to work people.
    -- Adam Kinzinger

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  • I think Donald Trump needs to be very clear to Vladimir Putin. Let's try to discover areas we can work together. That's fine. We're two a world power. They're a great power arguably. But at the same time we're not going to give any ground. We have to defend our NATO allies.
    -- Adam Kinzinger

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  • Vladimir Putin is a smart guy. I don't like him, smart guy. He is going to advance the cause of Russia until he hits a brick wall. He's hit a brick wall in a few areas. I think we need to make it clear that your growth of the former Soviet Union is over. You can be a great power that's respected. Fine. But this is not going to be the old Soviet Union.
    -- Adam Kinzinger

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  • There are a lot of people who know me who can't understand for the life of them why I would got to work on something as unserious as baseball. If they only knew.

  • My goal has been to encourage jointness, to push people to think of affiliations rather than to operate as solo entrepreneurs.

  • People seldom refuse help, if one offers it in the right way.

  • Find a need and fill it. Successful businesses are founded on the needs of people.

  • I try to be as courteous as possible and sometimes try to tell my fans that as much as I appreciate their support, there are times where I need to be able to have an uninterrupted dinner or not have to take a bunch of pictures or just be able to do some of the normal things.

  • I know that it's probably not a good idea for a comedian, especially a satirist, to support a public policy group or a politician. This is something I learned only too well years ago when I did a fundraiser for Pol Pot. A few years later I saw 'The Killing Fields,' and I've got to tell you, I just felt like a schmuck.

  • I've always said that if you have songs on the radio and get played, you've got to have a tour to support that.

  • Old friends, like old shoes, are comfortable. But old shoes, unlike old friends, tend not to be supportive: it is easier to stumble and sprain an ankle while wearing a pair of old shoes than it is in new shoes, with their less yielding leather.

  • The ball gave me prestige, gave me fame, gave me riches. Thank you, my old friend.

  • When I go out with my 16-year-old friends, I don't wear Chanel.

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