Shola Lynch quotes

  • Facts are what pedantic, dull people have instead of opinions.

  • The question of boundaries is a major question of the Jewish people because the Jews are the great experts of crossing boundaries. They have a sense of identity inside themselves that doesn't permit them to cross boundaries with other people.

  • Universities are not here to be mediums for the coercion of other people, they're here to be mediums for the free exchange of ideas.

  • The bells they sound on Bredon, And still the steeples hum. "Come all to church, good people"- Oh, noisy bells, be dumb; I hear you, I will come.

  • Find a need and fill it. Successful businesses are founded on the needs of people.

  • When something important is going on, silence is a lie.

  • The search is more important than the destination

  • I think they are very important because westerns have a code and a symbolism.

  • One of the very important characteristics of a student is to question. Let the students ask questions.

  • But I have always said that it's important we must make sure that justice is at all time be maintained.

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