Michael Nyman quotes

  • I'm like a decathlete who does all of the events he's used to, but is being forced by certain circumstances to focus on three events, and being forced to focus on events that he wasn't that interested in, and also weren't his strongest events.
    -- Michael Nyman

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  • I'm not saying that there weren't other inherent problems with the score that couldn't have been overcome with a bit of remixing, but why did they ask me to do it, and why did Griffin ask me to do it this way, for a film that had nothing to do with American vernacular?
    -- Michael Nyman

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  • There's always a question of duration, there's a question of who the orchestra is. No one is free to write what you want - you collaborate on a film score, and one of the good things is that someone else's work is motivating you.
    -- Michael Nyman

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  • I feel absolutely no threat or fear in Mexico City.
    -- Michael Nyman

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  • I'm not a great inventor from scratch. What I do is to use, steal, acquire, reproduce or re-cycle music from other musicians.
    -- Michael Nyman

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  • I never really wanted to write and wanted to focus on acting.

  • One lesson that every nation can learn from China is to focus more on creating village-level enterprises, quality health services and educational facilities.

  • No matter what happens, you can get through this day. Inhale. Focus on the word, 'relax. Exhale. Say, 'I can do this!' And then do it.

  • I wanted the focus to be on my ability as a singer and as an entertainer - not on my private life.

  • When you focus on the eternal, victorious Son of God, you break the devil's heart and render him powerless.

  • Art does not exist for politics, or for instruction- it exists primarily for pleasure, or it is nothing.

  • Uber is a $3.5 billion lesson in building for how the world *should* work instead of optimizing for how the world *does* work

  • My reading list grows exponentially. Every time I read a book, it'll mention three other books I feel I have to read. It's like a particularly relentless series of pop-up ads.

  • The swells were amazing! As big as three-story apartment buildings!

  • I love Pilates, I really do, and I do it three times a week because it works well for me.