Phil Wickham quotes

  • You are holy, great and mighty, the moon and the stars DECLARE who You are...I'm so unworthy, but still You love me, forever my heart will sing of how great You are!
    -- Phil Wickham

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  • when you look at setting your mind on things above in terms of heaven...It means being who I was always created to be in the real light of Jesus-the person I was actually created to know.
    -- Phil Wickham

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  • When we arrive at eternity's shore Where death is just a memory and tears are no more We'll enter in as the wedding bells ring Your bride will come together and we'll sing, 'You're beautiful'
    -- Phil Wickham

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  • You will be safe in His arms 'cause the hands that hold the world are holding your heart.
    -- Phil Wickham

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  • The fullness of Your grace is here with me The richness of Your beauty’s all I see The brightness of Your glory has arrived In Your presence God, I’m completely satisfied For You I sing I dance Rejoice in this divine romance Lift my heart and my hands To show my love, to show my love
    -- Phil Wickham

    #Heart #Hands #Romance

  • We are all made from star dust and we will all return to star dust, like a cosmic palindrome.

  • Stars ink your fingers with a lexicon of flame blazing rare knowledge.

  • I knew I was destined to be a rock star. I just knew it, like I've always had the power of foresight. I feel right now exactly the way I felt after I finished mixing my first solo album 'New York Groove'.

  • City lights shine bright on my complexion, hairs flashing at the intersection. Life is a green light, one star, no script, Supporting actors...fresh peaches, no pit.

  • The Holy Spirit is just as truly in us when He makes no sign as when the fountains of joy are overflowing, or the waters of peace are softly refreshing our weary and troubled heart.

  • The greatest need of our age and of every age, the greatest need of every human heart, is to know the resources and sufficiency of God.

  • I sought them far and found them, The sure, the straight, the brave, The hearts I lost my own to, The souls I could not save They braced their belts about them, They crossed in ships the sea, They sought and found six feet of ground, And there they died for me.

  • He would not stay for me, and who can wonder? He would not stay for me to stand and gaze. I shook his hand, and tore my heart in sunder, And went with half my life about my ways.

  • Therefore, since the world has still Much good, but much less good than ill, And while the sun and moon endure Luck's a chance, but trouble's sure, I'd face it as a wise man would, And train for ill and not for good.

  • White in the moon the long road lies.

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