C. B. Cebulski quotes

  • These days, you don't just break into comics once. You have to break in again and again after each job is finished.
    -- C. B. Cebulski

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  • To the folks asking how they can become a comics writer if Marvel doesn't accept submissions... YOU WRITE COMICS!!
    -- C. B. Cebulski

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  • Over the last ten years, breaking into comics has changed so much. There used to be specific ways about how to do it ... and now, just like there are so many different ways people are getting exposed to comics, there's no single way that people are breaking in anymore.
    -- C. B. Cebulski

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  • I often feel that my days in New York City, that I was here for five years, didn't get one job, went on a thousands of auditions and literally did not get a job on a soap, not a movie, not TV, not nothing, although I did do some commercials thank God.

  • The best compliment was Ben Kingsley coming up to me, putting his hand on the back of my neck, and saying, "Good job, son.".

  • I, talking about my children, of course I wanted them to succeed in life, they have to choose whatever job or occupation that they want, I will not try to influence.

  • The fairies break their dances And leave the printed lawn.

  • No war is inevitable until it breaks out.

  • Switching to the outfield was the best break I ever got.

  • I am partly to blame for the decking boom, and I am sorry, I know it?s everywhere these days.

  • Why has everything got to be about feelings these days? In the old days, no one knew what anyone was feeling and, what's more, they weren't expected to.

  • The challenge these days, is to be somewhere, to belong to some particular place, invest oneself in it, draw strength and courage from it, to dwell in a community.

  • We live in a period of declining stars. Few celebrities these days (aside from the smoldering Angelina Jolie) seem to have complex psychic lives.

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