Victoria Pendleton quotes

  • It's a risky business being a cyclist in the UK, there are a lot of people who really dislike us. It's the Jeremy Clarkson influence - we're hated on the roads. We just hope people realise we are just flesh and bones on two wheels.
    -- Victoria Pendleton

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  • It really is all about believing in yourself: 80 per cent mental, 20 per cent physical.
    -- Victoria Pendleton

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  • When you see your male counterparts living a completely different lifestyle, I think it would be quite depressing! So no, it's not for me.
    -- Victoria Pendleton

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  • Succeeding in sport is about how much practise you put in.
    -- Victoria Pendleton

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  • In competition, everything is very well planned in advance and very well detailed. You just stick to the plan, keep your head down and be as disciplined as possible in every aspect, whether sleep, recovery or the intensity of your training. And it's all recorded; the data is analysed.
    -- Victoria Pendleton

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  • I really love routine and so I've never found it a problem. I really enjoy it. I don't mind somebody organising what I have to do. I'm a creature of habit in some ways.
    -- Victoria Pendleton

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  • I like to eat healthily anyway and I think I've become more disciplined now I've retired - because I'm such a creature of habit, I don't find it hard to do. I quite enjoy the challenge.
    -- Victoria Pendleton

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  • I don't think I really knew how fit I was when I was a kid. I rode with my dad quite long distances and I've been racing since the age of nine, so we did a lot of sport growing up. My earliest memories of my dad are watching him race, so it was inevitable when we were old enough that my brother and I would get on bikes.
    -- Victoria Pendleton

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  • My co-founder Dylan Smith and I left our junior year of college to move to the Bay Area. To the horror of our friends' parents, we actually had two other friends drop out of college to work on the product. The four of us were just working non-stop growing Box.

  • Any time you get two people in a room who disagree about anything, the time of day, there is a scene to be written. That's what I look for.

  • I think there are two ways to depict a family. One is what it's really like, and one is what the audience would like it to be. Between you and me, I think the second one is what I would prefer.

  • Illegal drug use runs contrary to the image of health depicted by cycling. Distributors of these drugs must be prosecuted more harshly as they are ciminals.

  • To win more medals at Beijing is just fantastic, and British cycling has come a huge way in the last few years.

  • There simply is nothing else like it. And, as a test of physical and mental endurance it has no equal. Other sports may be as intense, as pressurized, as hard for short periods: But the Tour does on day after day after day. It's the only race in the world where you have to get a haircut halfway through.

  • Once a leader delegates, he should show utmost confidence in the people he has entrusted.

  • The question of boundaries is a major question of the Jewish people because the Jews are the great experts of crossing boundaries. They have a sense of identity inside themselves that doesn't permit them to cross boundaries with other people.

  • Universities are not here to be mediums for the coercion of other people, they're here to be mediums for the free exchange of ideas.

  • I have known some quite good people who were unhappy, but never an interested person who was unhappy.

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