Perez Hilton quotes

  • I started blogging as a hobby, not really thinking anyone would read my site, just my friends.
    -- Perez Hilton

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  • I was one of the first to use the online medium as a way to talk about celebrity news in as close to real time as possible. ... I was lucky to be one of the first. I also worked hard, and put in the hours - probably 16 to 17 a day.
    -- Perez Hilton

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  • Thankfully, readers send a lot of stuff. They see stories in their local newspaper. Or friends of mine email me, what they heard or saw. ... I'm very plugged in
    -- Perez Hilton

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  • I love music that has good catchy choruses and fits into many different genres. ... I like real artists, that write their own material and are great performers.
    -- Perez Hilton

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  • I love music and I love musicians. I separate them. I'm a big fan of Lily Allen's music, but I'm not a fan of her personality. I differentiate the two.
    -- Perez Hilton

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  • Im not a celebrity. I dont take myself too seriously. I know where I stand in the food chain. And no matter how much of an insider I ever become or am, Ill still always be an outsider.
    -- Perez Hilton

    #Matter #Outsiders #Chains

  • It's fun to challenge yourself and take advantage of all the opportunities that present themselves.
    -- Perez Hilton

    #Fun #Opportunity #Challenges

  • I don't think that the real enemy of the music industry is illegal downloading; I think the real enemy of the music industry is radio.
    -- Perez Hilton

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  • The interesting adults are always the school failures, the weird ones, the losers, the malcontents, this isn’t wishful thinking. It’s the rule.

  • Like most parents, I've been stumped by homework, the big questions, such as: 'What is the point of geography - the pilot always knows where we are going?'. Answer: 'If you didn't know any geography, people would think you were an American, and you wouldn't be able to put them right because you wouldn't know where they live.'

  • Here is Edward Bear, coming downstairs now, bump, bump, bump, on the back of his head, behind Christopher Robin. It is, as far as he knows, the only way of coming downstairs, but sometimes he feels that there really is another way, if only he could stop bumping for a moment and think of it. And then he feels that perhaps there isn't.

  • My goal has been to encourage jointness, to push people to think of affiliations rather than to operate as solo entrepreneurs.

  • Because of a friend, life is a little stronger, fuller, more gracious thing for the friend's existence, whether he be near or far. If the friend is close at hand, that is best; but if he is far away he still is there to think of, to wonder about, to hear from, to write to, to share life and experience with, to serve, to honor, to admire, to love.

  • Create something people want to share.

  • Tell me of what plant-birthday a man takes notice, and I shall tell you a good deal about his vocation, his hobbies, his hay fever, and the general level of his ecological education.

  • We need not be intimidated by the wine snob because we know that, in the last analysis, he is only putting on a front. He may know more than we do, but how little he knows in comparison with what there is to know Wine, a hobby as fascinating and as human as one can find. One of the most fascinating aspects of the wine-hobby is the extent to which you learn all the time

  • Right now the music is more of a hobby since I'm making a good living as an actress.

  • It's not love for music, it's a passion, and it goes beyond liking, and beyond a hobby, it's about a way of living... Music is essential for my life.

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