Chris Cole quotes

  • It's a strange phenomenon how this piece of wood, wheels and a turning system has made so many people so happy
    -- Chris Cole

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  • I need to live up to my potential, wherever that may be, in all aspects of my life. My head gets in the way, and I need to look at the big picture - that this is the best, and I am living my dream.
    -- Chris Cole

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  • Life is one of Gods greatest Journeys, But Death is the next great Adventure.
    -- Chris Cole

    #Adventure #Journey #Next

  • My goal has been to encourage jointness, to push people to think of affiliations rather than to operate as solo entrepreneurs.

  • Money has no color. If you can build a better mousetrap, it won't matter whether you're black or white. People will buy it.

  • Always watch where you are going. Otherwise, you may step on a piece of the Forest that was left out by mistake.

  • The melody is generally what the piece is all about.

  • No international court can ever substitute for a working national justice system. Or for a society at piece.

  • That's what we do on 'Entourage.' We embed ourselves in legitimate authentic moments so wherever the action is happening, we're taking pieces from that red carpet.

  • With Woods arms wrapped around me and the beat of his heart pressed against my chest, I knew he would hold me steady. If I ever fell, I’d have him to catch me.

  • Last question. Why do you love Della? - Braden Until Della walked into my life I didn’t understand the idea of love. I had never been in love and experienced very little love in my life. But I’d seen it once -Woods

  • I read like the flame reads the wood.

  • They’ll be black because that’s the way they’re seen. Barack Obama, Tiger Woods, Halle Berry, have all known that. Will that change? Don’t hold your breath.

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