Paul Elie quotes

  • And what is the problem? It is the old problem of the anxious searcher - the mythic in the interior castle, the poet-pilgrim in a dark wood not sure how to proceed. Which way is the right way?
    -- Paul Elie

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  • In American fiction, belief is like that. Belief as upbringing, belief as social fact, belief as a species of American weirdness: our literary fiction has all of these things. All that is missing is the believer.
    -- Paul Elie

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  • They took to silence. They touched each other without comment and without progression. A hand on a hand, a clothed arm, resting on an arm. An ankle overlapping an ankle, as they sat on a beach, and not removed. One night they fell asleep, side by side... He slept curled against her back, a dark comma against her pale elegant phrase.

  • I'm not sure how to describe my style. A lot of my work is dark and looks a bit sad, which is strange because I'm such a smiley, over-the-top positive guy who wears gold shoes most days.

  • Dark energy is incredibly strange, but actually it makes sense to me that it went unnoticed, because dark energy has no effect on daily life, or even inside our solar system.

  • O seasons, O castles, What soul is without flaws? All its lore is known to me, Felicity, it enchants us all.

  • You don't need planning permission to build castles in the sky

  • Like a good chess player, Satan is always trying to maneuver you into a position where you can save your castle only by losing your bishop.

  • No tribute is laid on castles in the air.

  • There is more pleasure to building castles in the air than on the ground.

  • Leave the beaten track behind occasionally and dive into the woods. Every time you do you will be certain to find something you have never seen before.

  • Life seems like a haunted wood, where we tremble and crouch and cry.