John Tortorella quotes

  • Because he stinks on the power play. He stinks. I don't know why. I wish I could put him on the power play, but every time I put him on, he stinks.
    -- John Tortorella

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  • I focus on the dumbness of Hagelin... He played a hell of a game but that's all washed off from dumbness.
    -- John Tortorella

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  • As an organization, would we like to be in a better spot Everybody would like to know they're in the playoffs. But that's not a reality, year after year being in a playoff spot with 10, 12, 15 games left. We don't have that this year, so our playoffs have started.
    -- John Tortorella

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  • You can tell James Duthie to shove that quiz. I have a few other words I can tell you about the quiz.
    -- John Tortorella


  • Ask me a question. Don't say talk about it, ask me a question. I'm not going to talk about it if it isn't a question.
    -- John Tortorella

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  • Dare to do what you dare to dream.
    -- John Tortorella

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  • The NHL's opinion of itself is so high.... Let them get drunk on their greatness. We'll see how many Euros look our way.

  • Girls, where are you? I can't find you.

  • I'm okay. Russian machine never breaks.

  • Tell me not here, it needs not saying, What tune the enchantress plays In aftermaths of soft September Or under blanching mays, For she and I were long acquainted And I knew all her ways.

  • If you want to know about the Sixties, play the music of The Beatles.

  • My downtime tends to resemble my uptime. Weekends are workdays, but toned down. Over the whole weekend, I may have five meetings, as opposed to six on a weekday. I used to play piano for 30 minutes at night, but I had to pull that out of my schedule. I don't have time for nonwork stuff.

  • I think being recognized more is something you have to get used to, whether it's your homeland or when you're traveling. People recognize me from my play or a commercial I've done. It's just a normal part of life.

  • The stuff that I write doesn't work very well as background music. You have to watch it from beginning to end and pay attention as if you were watching a play.

  • To-day is ours; what do we fear? To-day is ours; we have it here. Let's treat it kindly, that it may Wish, at least, with us to stay. Let's banish business, banish sorrow; To the gods belong to-morrow.

  • As to your kind wishes for myself, allow me to say I can not enter the ring on the money basis--first, because, in the main, it iswrong; and secondly, I have not, and can not get, the money. I say, in the main, the use of money is wrong; but for certain objects, in a political contest, the use of some, is both right, and indispensable.

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