Bobby Thomson quotes

  • It was a pretty fierce rivalry. I'm just speaking for myself, but I think it was general through the clubs. We didn't like them, and they didn't like us.
    -- Bobby Thomson

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  • In New York, after that famous home run, they expected me to be up there every year. That homer raised me to a high level, with the top guys in the game.
    -- Bobby Thomson

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  • There are no war stories. I ended up a bombardier, but I never got overseas. And it wasn't because I was playing baseball either. It was just a series of things that went on.
    -- Bobby Thomson

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  • I went into the Air Corps from 1943 through 1945.
    -- Bobby Thomson


  • Before one can walk as Christ walked, and talk as He talked, he must first begin to think as Christ thought.

  • Like most parents, I've been stumped by homework, the big questions, such as: 'What is the point of geography - the pilot always knows where we are going?'. Answer: 'If you didn't know any geography, people would think you were an American, and you wouldn't be able to put them right because you wouldn't know where they live.'

  • Think it over, think it under.

  • I think I feel rather differently about sympathy to what seems the normal view. I like just to feel it is there, but not always expressed.

  • The Celtic fans are very special and the club and players can be very proud of them. They are the best I have ever heard.

  • I don't really like to go out to clubs or anything. It's just not my style. I'd much rather go to a dive bar or a local place.

  • Most original viewers of the Mickey Mouse Club didn't face the crush of family and social problems children have today.

  • I still don't know precisely why The Mickey Mouse Club ended when it did.

  • I just had one of those 'what the hell are we doing' moments.

  • Remember kids, I have life insurance.

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