Melvil Dewey quotes

  • A library's function is to give the public in the quickest and cheapest way: information, inspiration, and recreation. If a better way than the book can be found, we should use it.
    -- Melvil Dewey

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  • Reading is a mighty engine, beside which steam and electricity sink into insignificance.
    -- Melvil Dewey

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  • To my thinking, a great librarian must have a clear head, a strong hand, and, above all, a great heart. And when I look into the future, I am inclined to think that most of the men who achieve this greatness will be women.
    -- Melvil Dewey

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  • The time was when a library was very like a museum and the librarian a mouser among dusty books. The time is when the library is a school and the librarian in the highest sense a teacher.
    -- Melvil Dewey

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  • The eternal conflict of good and the best with bad and the worst is on.
    -- Melvil Dewey

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  • The librarian must be the librarian militant before he can be the librarian triumphant.
    -- Melvil Dewey

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  • Our great function is to inform or to inspire, or to please; to give to the public in the quickest and cheapest way information, inspiration, and recreation on the highest plane. If a better way than the books is found we should use it.
    -- Melvil Dewey

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  • Women can endure pain with fortitude, and they can perform monotonous tasks with patience.
    -- Melvil Dewey

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  • Television is a constant stream of fact, opinions, lies, moral dilemmas, plots: an infinitely complex and sophisticated torrent of information. How could it not make you cleverer? The only people who ever thought television rotted the brain and made kids dumb were those with a vested interest in other ways of learning, or those who were intellectually insecure, usually about books.

  • A diary need not be a dreary chronicle of one's movements; it should aim rather at giving salient account of some particular episode, a walk, a book, a conversation.

  • One has to ascertain the right path for his activities by following in the footsteps of great saintly persons and books of knowledge under the guidance of a spiritual master.

  • And malt does more than Milton can to justify God's ways to man.

  • Chum was a British boy's weekly which, at the end of the year was bound into a single huge book; and the following Christmas parents bought it as Christmas presents for male children.

  • My reading list grows exponentially. Every time I read a book, it'll mention three other books I feel I have to read. It's like a particularly relentless series of pop-up ads.

  • I am a big admirer of Sachin and his personality. He is a source of inspiration for the country and just looking at his photographs gives a lot of positive vibes.

  • We are not in a position in which we have nothing to work with. We already have capacities, talents, direction, missions, callings.

  • The most important innovation in medicine to come in the next 10 years: the power of the human hand.

  • God never can use any man very much till he has grace enough to forget himself entirely while doing God's work; for He will not give His glory to another nor share with the most valued instrument the praise that belongs to Jesus Christ alone.