Michael Ruhlman quotes

  • A kitchen is a good place to be, almost always the best place in the house.
    -- Michael Ruhlman

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  • Stories--from the literature of our culture to descriptions of our days to the lunatic's ravings--appear to be hardwired into us. Even in sleep we tell ourselves stories through our dreams, and it's been shown that those who are prevented from doing so cease to function.
    -- Michael Ruhlman

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  • I believe it's a cook's moral obligation to add more butter given the chance.
    -- Michael Ruhlman

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  • If you could choose to master a single ingredient, no choice would teach you more about cooking than the egg. It is an end in itself; it's a multipurpose ingredient; it's an all-purpose garnish; it's an invaluable tool. The egg teaches your hands finesse and delicacy. It helps your arms develop strength and stamina. It instructs in the way proteins behave in heat and in the powerful ways we can change food mechanically. It's a lever for getting other foods to behave in great ways. Learn to take the egg to its many differing ends, and you've enlarged your culinary repertoire by a factor of ten.
    -- Michael Ruhlman

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  • Only when a chef changed the way you saw the world, through cooking, did food truly become art, and that was rare indeed.
    -- Michael Ruhlman

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  • People, you have six senses! The last one is common! Use it!
    -- Michael Ruhlman

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  • Recipes are not assembly manuals. Recipes are guides and suggestions for a process that is infinitely nuanced. Recipes are sheet music.
    -- Michael Ruhlman

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  • I love this book! There are very few cookbooks published today that add something truly new and distinctive to the literature of food and cooking. Jennifer McLagan's Fat is a smart, thoughtful book that ultimately asks us to understand our food better.
    -- Michael Ruhlman

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  • We better take care of the earth or we're gonna have shitty food, and having shitty food is no fun.
    -- Michael Ruhlman

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  • Try lighting your house by prayer instead of electricity and see which one works.

  • Growing up my mother played Sarah Vaughan and Nat Cole in the house regularly.

  • The trade magazine and all was banned in my house. The first time I read a film magazine was when I was 18.

  • He who builds a masjid in the way of Allah, God will build a house for him in the paradise.

  • I went to my friend's house one day, and he had an electric guitar he had just bought with a tiny little amp. I turned the volume up to 10 and I hit one chord, and I said, I'm in love.

  • The house has to serve comfort. The work of art is revolutionary; the house is conservative.

  • Books read in a public library never have the same flavour as books read in the attic or the kitchen.

  • The only unitasker allowed in my kitchen is a fire extinguisher.

  • I'm not the neatest person in the kitchen by any means.

  • Among the faithful, in the great kitchens of the world, Escoffier is to Careme what the New Testament is to the Old.