Henry Corbin quotes

  • Consider the idea of a God who is essentially sadness and longing, yearning to reveal himself, to know himself through a being who knows him, thereby depending on that being who is still himself - yet who in this sense creates Him. Here we have a vision which has never been professed outside of a few errant knights of mysticism. To profess this essential bipolarity of the divine essence is not to confuse creator and created, creature and creation. It is to experience the irrevocable solidarity between the Fravarti and its Soul, in the battle they undertake for each other`s sake.
    -- Henry Corbin

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  • Prayer is the highest form, the supreme act of the Creative Imagination. ... For prayer is not a request for something: it is the expression of a mode of being, a means of existing and of causing to exist, ... The organ of Prayer is the heart, the psychospiritual organ, with its concentration of energy, its himma. ... Prayer is a "creator" of vision, ... .
    -- Henry Corbin

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  • The largest part of what we call 'personality' is determined by how we've opted to defend ourselves against anxiety and sadness".

  • I have as much rage as you have, I have as much pain as you do, I've lived as much hell as you have, and I've kept mine bubbling under for you.

  • I'm sad, but I'm laughing.

  • If, anywhere, brethren of a particular religious belief have been excluded from this Degree [18° Knight Rose Croix], it merely shows how gravely the purposes and plan of Masonry may be misunderstood. For whenever the door of any Degree is closed against him who believes in one God and the soul's immortality, on account of the other tenets of his faith, that Degree is Masonry no longer.

  • I have so many [on-set Glee BFFs]. I love Kevin (McHale). I love Amber (Riley); Amber and I are essentially the same person, even though one’s fiercer than the other—don’t tell her it’s me. I love Chris Colfer, he’s a gem. Melissa (Benoist) and Blake (Jenner), I love them. We’re such a tight-knight family because we spend so much time together.

  • How vain are our fears! I thought to myself. Sometimes we fear that which our opponent (or fate) had never even considered! After this, then, is it any longer worthwhile to rack one's brain to find new ghosts to fear? No, indeed: All hail optimism! - upon playing Hermanis Mattison after he overlooked an unusual knight manouevre.

  • I've always supported myself. I like the sense of knowing exactly where I stand financially, but there is a side of me that longs for a knight in shining armor.

  • The judge is not the knight-errant, roaming at will in pursuit of his own ideal of beauty or of goodness.

  • In the family of continents, Africa is the silent, the brooding sister, courted for centuries by knight-errant empires - rejecting them one by one and severally, because she is too sage and a little bored with the importunity of it all.

  • Spiritually, life is a festival, a celebration. Joy is of the essence of life;