Anna Gavalda quotes

  • Perhaps it's because it's incredible to meet someone and say: with this person, I'm happy.
    -- Anna Gavalda

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  • What keeps people from living together is their stupidity, not their differences.
    -- Anna Gavalda

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  • I think we go well together. I like being with you because I'm never bored. Even when we're not talking, even when we're not touching, even when we're not in the same room, I'm not bored. I'm never bored. I think it's because I have confidence in you, in your thoughts. Do you understand? I love everything I see in you, and everything I don't see. I know your faults, but as it turns out, I feel as though your faults go well with my qualities. We're not afraid of the same things. Even our inner demons go well together! You, you're worth more than you show...
    -- Anna Gavalda

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  • How could you let yourself be sidetracked while I was waiting for your breath on my back?
    -- Anna Gavalda


  • ...But friends, those I wanted to please? There are so few, so few... and you're one of them. You... because you have such a gift for life. You grab hold of it with both hands. You move, you dance, you know how to make the rain and the sunshine in a home. You have this incredible gift for making people around you happy. You're so at ease, so at ease on this little planet...
    -- Anna Gavalda

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  • He sounded good, didn't he?" added Franck. "He only stuttered eight times." "That's what I mean.
    -- Anna Gavalda

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  • She was sound asleep when he came to curl up next to her. She grunted. "Don't worry. I'm too drunk, I won't do anything," he murmered. As she had her back to him, he placed his nose on her neck and slid his arm underneath her to be as close to her as possible. Short strands of her hair tickled his nostrils. "Camille?" Was she asleep? Was she pretending? No answer either way. "I like being with you." A little smile. Was she dreaming? Was she asleep? Who knows...
    -- Anna Gavalda

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  • Life is stronger than you are, even when you deny it, even when you neglect it, even when you refuse to admit it.
    -- Anna Gavalda

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  • I'd love to work with Michelle Williams. I think that she's incredible. She's such a great actress and I love her.

  • I like Israel. The fans are incredible. It was the best.

  • I had a whole bunch of very successful movies. I have worked with some incredible people - incredible.

  • There are things which seem incredible to most men who have not studied Mathematics.

  • There's an incredible fascination for that and that goes with violence and everything else in pictures.

  • She's a person; the doctor pronounces her dead, not the news.

  • Anybody who has interacted with me will definitely find me to be a chirpy person.

  • Every person is, in part, 'his own project' and makes himself.

  • When you advise any person you should be guided by the fear of God.

  • Thousands upon thousands of persons have studied disease. Almost no one has studied health.