Mike D'Antoni quotes

  • You know what's fun about basketball? It keeps evolving, and it keeps changing a little bit. And the older guys want to try to hold it back to how they grew up, and it's not the same. You've got to change with the times, and some of the guys you've got to drag across the finish line.
    -- Mike D'Antoni

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  • Most of the time when there's a communication problem, it's because the message being received is not the message you want. It's not that they don't know what they need to do, how we need to act as a team, whatever. If you don't like the message, then you go say there's a communication problem.
    -- Mike D'Antoni

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  • If fans are discouraged, find another team to root for.
    -- Mike D'Antoni

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  • You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.

  • If they don't let me coach, they might as well take me to the Lexington cemetery.

  • I don't discuss basketball. I dictate basketball. I'm not interested in philosophy classes.

  • God didn't miss any of us.

  • Bouncy trouncy flouncy pouncy fun fun fun fun fun. The most wonderful thing about tiggers is I'm the only one!

  • I began to work the stage and get the audience into it. I also learned how to have fun out there. It is something I will never forget.

  • It's been a straight strip, I must tell you, I've enjoyed it all the way. If I'm saying things to make it sound like it's hard, hard work, it's not. It's beautiful work. It's fun work. It's everything you'd ever want to do.

  • I don't remember a drama on TV that had shown a couple could be married but still love each other very much, spend every day as if they were still on their honeymoon, be sensuous, and have fun together.

  • If my former self and my current self met for coffee, they'd get along OK, but they'd both probably walk out of the Starbucks shaking their heads and saying to themselves, “That guy is kinda delusional.”

  • I'm just a down-to-earth guy.

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