Nikki Yanofsky quotes

  • Like icebergs, people normally expose only a small part of themselves, and generally just the part they wish to show.
    -- Nikki Yanofsky

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  • Everyone has their own struggles, but I never question the road I'm on. I'm a firm believer in the notion that "everything happens for a reason," so even if sometimes you think you're facing a problem, really it's just a blessing in disguise.
    -- Nikki Yanofsky

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  • The less help you have in a garden the more yours it is.
    -- Nikki Yanofsky

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  • Satisfaction is the death of ambition.
    -- Nikki Yanofsky

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  • I bring to the music industry something that isn't over-complicated. What you see is what you get. But, I feel every performer has something unique to offer.
    -- Nikki Yanofsky

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  • If you're in music for the right reasons, you don't pay much attention to the grueling industry. For sure, it's great to have your work appreciated, but it should never be the driving factor. If you don't depend solely on affirmation from the industry to continue to find love in what you do, then you can have as along of a career as you want. I've always been in this for the music and that won't change.
    -- Nikki Yanofsky

    #Finding Love #Attention #Driving

  • I believe in the power of you and I
    -- Nikki Yanofsky

    #Believe #I Believe #I Believe In

  • The question of boundaries is a major question of the Jewish people because the Jews are the great experts of crossing boundaries. They have a sense of identity inside themselves that doesn't permit them to cross boundaries with other people.

  • My goal has been to encourage jointness, to push people to think of affiliations rather than to operate as solo entrepreneurs.

  • Major sports are major parts of society. It's not anomalous to have people who love sports come from other parts of that society.

  • People seldom refuse help, if one offers it in the right way.

  • The bells they sound on Bredon, And still the steeples hum. "Come all to church, good people"- Oh, noisy bells, be dumb; I hear you, I will come.

  • There is some help for all the defects of fortune; for, if a man cannot attain to the length of his wishes, he may have his remedy by cutting of them shorter.

  • Sometimes we wish the world could cry and tell us about that which made it pregnant with fear-filling grandeur. Sometimes we wish our own heart would speak of that which made it heavy with wonder.

  • I wish I came from a more pure place. I don't have something to say from the bottom of my soul. I just know how to take stuff I like and repackage it in a slightly different way.

  • What is powerful is when what you say is just the tip of the iceberg of what you know

  • The euro Titanic has now hit the iceberg - and there simply aren't enough lifeboats to go round.

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